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    Drafting Board


concept1.jpg (42113 bytes) concept2.jpg (47362 bytes) concept3.jpg (48867 bytes) concept4.jpg (48891 bytes)

     This is my newest design concept, dubbed Gen V - SG-1.5C for having a 1.5 inch barrel, and firing using casings already loaded with spuds in a bolt action configuration.  The above pictures aren't really detailed, as I did them in Adobe Dimensions, but I should have some better ones as soon as I can get a good 3d rendering program.  

 Generation IV - SG125


draft1.jpg (125552 bytes)

     As you can see, its a bolt action style gun, similar to the much famed SP9004, but thankfully much cheaper to build!  I know there are a lot of questions about the gun probably, as I didn't include all of the smaller features about it in the drawing above.  Here are a few basic features and facts about the gun so far

  • 4" ABS Combustion Chamber

  • 2" PVC Receiver

  • 1.25" PVC Bolt and Barrel 

  • Wood Frame

  • Possible space for a Laser Sight

     Here are a few shots of the gun in development so far.

P7080014.JPG (63997 bytes)

 - A good profile shot showing the general size of the gun.

P7080013.JPG (63033 bytes)

 - This picture is a comparison with a average size gun.  The green one is my Generation II gun.  Its overall length is 58.5".

P7080012.JPG (63361 bytes)

 - The bolt is fully extended in this shot.

P7080011.JPG (63560 bytes)

 - Broken down at the breech, very cool feature for transport.

P2250001.JPG (60995 bytes)

 - This shot shows the blast chamber with the receiver attached, and the bolt retracted as it ready to be loaded. (

P2250002.JPG (62904 bytes)

 - Here is another but it shows the bolt in the forward position, as if ready to charge or fire.

P2250003.JPG (65225 bytes)

 - The barrel is on the left, with the inner bevel, and the bolt is on the right with the outer bevel